Lion of Judah Travel

Established in 1995  Lion Of Judah Travel Inc. is one of the oldest travel agencies promoting travel to Ethiopia and East Africa.

Our goal is to provide the community with courteous, professional and outstanding travel related services by finding the best possible prices for your travel needs. Our expert travel agents pride themselves in consistently going above and beyond to make planning your journey an easy and economical event.

While serving clients worldwide at the lowest cost available, we specialized in African travel and tours, domestic and other international travel. We are the leaders in crafting around-the-world airfare and we possess solid business relationships with a number of major entities in the travel industry. We also work extensively with a number of churches and missionary organizations in obtaining low cost airfares for variety of international destinations.

Since we use consolidated air fares, we can save you up to 70% on last minute published airfares for coach and business class. For your security we proudly inform you that we are licensed in the state of Washington as Registered Seller of Travel products and our Universal Business ID is 601 877 174. We are also licensed travel agents with a Seller of Travel (S.O.T.) license issued by the California Attorney General’s Office, registration number 2027461-40.


The Lion of Judah (LoJ) Travel Agency – Past, Present & the Future

The Past-and-Present

“Armed” with the aforementioned (and sample) list of relevant experiences concerning the air-travel industry, Mr Fitsum legally established the Lion of Judah (LoJ) Travel Agency in the State of California in 1995. As stated before, LoJ’s reputation as the “King of Last Minute Flights” and value for money concerning tickets to remote destinations in regions such as Africa allowed it to grow rapidly – so much so, that it was able to open up two (2) more branches in the United States within the first five (5) years of opening its door for business. In addition to the stated capabilities, LoJ was able to carve out market niches around: –

  • The Hollywood/New York entertainment industry-base and a clientele that included legends such as the late Michael Jackson, Leonardo Di Caprio and many other superstars of the industry
  • The “North America to-and-from Africa” route  by leveraging the close working relationship that LoJ has been able to forge with the Ethiopian Airlines for over thirty (30) decades
  • Customized tour packages for the leisure traveler to-and-from Africa
  • The business traveler to-and-from Africa including “on-ground” requirements for facilities such as office spaces

The Present-and-Foreseeable Future

With the continued global economic downturn that started in 2008, LoJ was forced to consolidate its North American operations into one office although it has also opened up a branch office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in anticipation of the inevitable growth in the number of business and other types of travelers to-and-from Africa. The stated anticipation is not based on simple beliefs but rather on factual numbers that show Africa as the 2nd fastest growing region in terms of economic growth and has a rapidly rising number of middle class citizens who have the wherewithal to afford air-travel. To this end, LoJ has invested significant resources towards the proper research and formulation of a set of formal plans, which are to be rolled out over the immediate-to-long term. The stated plans are summarized as follows: –

  • Build upon LoJ’s longstanding reputation as the “go-to-agency” for getting any flight connection to the most remote corner of the world
  • Leverage its equally long-term relationship with the Ethiopian Airlines as a springboard for becoming the Number 1 agent for the airline within its African and “Americas” markets
  • Simultaneously support Ethiopian Airlines efforts concerning measures for increasing yields across its African routes through strategies such as ticket-consolidations and other profit-maximization schemes that are standard practice across the air-travel industry
  • Expand into the African tour-and-travel sector through the introduction of “on ground” products as well as services and thereby compliment its core competences surrounding longstanding air-travel operations
  • Bring an increased focus to the needs of the business traveler to-and-from Africa whose numbers are expected to inevitably increase as a result of the tremendous economic growth that Africa continues to register over the last decade

Core Values

Similarly, LoJ’s list of core values are summarized as follows: –

  • Maintain an organizational culture that strives to genuinely have the interest and happiness of its clients at the heart of all its operations
  • Continually strive to help clients realize the highest value for their money
  • Sincerely and frankly interact with each client so as to ensure that all LoJ clients are well-informed on all important aspects of the journey and final destination points
  • To always be ready to help clients who are faced with unplanned events such as cancelled flights

Conclusions – Why Do You Need a Travel Agent in the 1st Place?

Unlike the typical recap of detailed discussions that usually make up the “Conclusions” section, LoJ believes that a better approach would be to highlight the major reasons as to why clients should need a travel agent in the first place.

First and foremost, we can all agree that not all travelling requires a travel agent. As a quick example, purchasing an airline ticket from Point A to Point B and without any considerations for cost-savings can simply be accomplished via the Internet. On the other hand, trips to remote areas of our world or niche markets like luxury travel definitely entail the use of a travel agent. For starters, experienced travel agents have built up personal relationships over decades and NO clout or social standing nor premium credit card can match the positive outcomes of these personal relationships. In short, these personal relationships easily translate into air-ticket discounts, room upgrades, backstage passes and a myriad of other measurable benefits – i.e. “goodies” that are not typically extended to the casual traveler. At any rate, the following outline is included as a quick checklist of justifications for using a travel agent: –

  • The luxury traveler
  • The business traveler who is constantly pressed for time
  • Trips that entail multiple routings and stopovers
  • Trips to remote and exotic destinations
  • Trips that require the services of a local “on the ground” staff
  • Travelers who desire the “pillow-to-pillow” treatment from one juncture of their journey to anther

Just as importantly, the use of a good travel agent is better appreciated when events such as cancelled flights occur in some remote corner of the world. As one industry expert stated,

 … a good travel agent will make sure that trips are matched to clients and not the other way around …